Choosing Raw Food on a Budget

Making healthy choices shouldn’t be difficult, but often times we find ourselves not having enough time to make those healthy choices we should be, but hey we’re human. The answer to how to find healthy lunch options may be easier than you think. Choosing a raw food diet may be the simplest start to giving your body the food and energy it needs throughout the day. Check out these healthy lunch alternatives on a budget that will save you time and money!

Look at what you already have

Before you run out and get what you think you need for a raw food diet, try looking in your fridge because odds are you have most of the staples already. Whatever you have stocked in the fridge (berries, spinach, kale or cucumber) can be used first on its own or incorporated with food in your pantry like organic canned beans and organic rice crackers.

Do your research

It goes without saying that just eating raw fruits and vegetables isn’t fun for anyone but if you do your research and follow some of our tips you’ll be set with a perfect healthy routine instead of a rut.

Kitchen appliances can be a costly investment, but there are alternatives that can work just as good as a Vitamix for smoothies or a Spiralizer for raw noodles. Don’t go out and buy these appliances without doing a quality comparison because dishing out hundreds of dollars is not necessary when looking to commit to a raw food diet.

Sometimes it’s as easy as keeping your receipts and waiting to look at your local markets and stores for the best deals on organic local produce that let you change up your routine every week naturally.

Trial and error

It can be intimidating to make the switch or even to slowly venture into introducing raw food especially for some of us who are picky, to begin with. The good news you can’t go wrong with anything you choose to include in your diet, between smoothies, soups, and salads the options are endless. Next time you’re making a smoothie grab some spinach you had in the fridge from making a salad the day before and you’ve got you’re nutrients packed right in. Check out The Sweet Spot for some of our favourite smoothies to get you started!

Buy smart

On the days when you don’t have the time or just looking for a well-deserved break it’s still easy to find easy healthy lunch alternatives. From fresh organic juices and smoothies to salad, wraps, and desserts (yes dessert is healthy), visit The Sweet Spot when you’re looking for a healthy meal without the prep!