Harnessing The Essence of Nature


Essential oils are found in plants and essential oils as we know them are distilled from these plant and citrus matters through a natural process using steam, steam and water, or water. Specifically for citrus fruits, the distilling process can also involve cold pressing peels to distil the oils.

When occurring naturally within plant life, the biological role of essential oils is to attract pollinators and dispersal agents (bees and other insects which are crucial to pollination)

through the release of volatile aromatic compounds. These compounds are what give plants their distinctive smells. Over 3,000 varieties of these compounds have been identified, and they vary from plant to plant. This variety is what gives specific essential oils different benefits.

Once the compounds have been distilled they become the essential oils we use. Essential oils are most commonly used in three ways: aromatic, topical, and internal.

Aromatic Uses


When many think of essential oils they typically think of setting up a diffuser and using oils for their aromatherapy uses. This is the most common way that essential oils are used. Aromatherapy has been proven to be beneficial as a tool for mental, emotional, and physiological health. Essential oils quickly become absorbed by smell receptors, which directly link to the brain and cause an immediate reaction.

Aromatic uses for essential oil benefits differ from oil to oil. Some oils create an uplifting, positive reaction, such as grapefruit and orange. Others create a more calm and relaxing reaction, such as lavender or white fir. The most common method of using essential oils aromatically is to diffuse them, though there are other methods.

Topical Uses


Topical application is another common method of getting essential oil benefits. Due to the low molecular weight and solubility of oils, they are easily absorbed into the skin. By lightly massaging the area of application to stimulate blood flow you can even increase the absorption of the oil, which helps distribute the oil throughout the body more easily. If you suffer from dry or flaky skin (or have more sensitive skin), using a carrier oil such as coconut oil can help absorption and slow evaporation of the oil. It’s recommended to dilute with a carrier oil at a 1:1 ratio.

When applying an essential oil topically, the most beneficial areas to apply are the neck, forehead and temples, chest and abdomen, arms, legs, and the bottom of the feet. It’s recommended to avoid eyes, inner ears, areas of the face where skin is thin (such as around the eyes), and broken or injured skin.

Other ways to topically gain essential oil benefits include adding drops of oil to a warm bath, adding oil to a lotion or moisturizer, and adding essential oil to a hot or cold compress or towel.

Internal Uses


A number of essential oils have historically been used for cooking, and have been taken internally to help treat a variety of health issues. You get these essential oil benefits from the specific plant matters you typically already consume (peppermint tea, spices such as basil in cooking) however essential oils directly enter your bloodstream to increase these essential oil benefits.

Essential oils enter into your bloodstream through the gastrointestinal tract. From there the oils are transported to the rest of the body. They are easily transported to all organs of the body because they are lipid soluble, which makes them easily absorbed through the tissues of the organs. They leave the body through metabolizing by the liver.

To effectively use and get essential oil benefits for internal application, you can use the oils in cooking or baking as a herb and spice replacement, however, due to the concentration of the essential oils, it’s important to remember to use less. For a stronger oil, they can be administered through the use of a toothpick, or another similar small tool, rather than dropping from the bottle or container. Oils can also be added to water, smoothies, juices, or other drinks, or they can be taken through the use of a veggie capsule. The Sweet Spot uses essential oils in a number of our smoothies.

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