Using Essential Oils in Smoothies

The Best 3 Essential Oils To Use In Your Smoothies

With our busy schedules it can be hard to have the time to make a nutritious meal regularly, but with smoothies all you need is 30 seconds or less! It may take a little more time to get the ingredients for the smoothie ready, but if you have a vial of essential oil on hand you can cut that time to almost nothing. All it takes is a few drops of these concentrated hydrophobic liquids to fill your smoothie with flavour and nutrients. Try out our 3 best essential oils for organic smoothies to feel the benefits of essential oils.

Wild Orange Oil

With their sweet and tangy flavour oranges are one of the first citrus essential oils we introduce so you can see the immediate benefits of essential oils. Most of us know that wild orange is packed with high Vitamin C making it a great natural antidepressant supplement.

It also works as a natural antispasmodic/anti-inflammatory which makes it great for when you need to wind down or reduce muscle pain. Whether you’re looking to relax after a long day at work, or looking to get over the midday hump try wild orange essential oil or look for our Rebels smoothie to get you boost you need!

Peppermint oil

A popular addition to any smoothie because of the bold refreshing flavour to bring your smoothie to the next level. Peppermint is perfect to balance flavour since its a cross between spearmint and watermint plant.

To get the essential oil, peppermint is extracted  from the steam distillation of the aerial flowering parts of the plant. What that means for us using it is that we’re getting the highest concentration of peppermints properties to help us get the benefits of the plant with just a few drops.

Peppermint essential oil is believed to relieve digestive problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome as well as soothe other intestinal problems. It can also help with relieving respiratory congestion and relax tensed muscles, especially in the neck and shoulder. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to your smoothie recipes that call for mint and skip a trip to the grocery store!

Lemon oil

Lemons are a citrus fruit minus the acidity associated with most fruits which makes it a key ingredient to soothe the body, boost health and fight infections. One of the main benefits of lemon is its high level of Vitamin C to fight off infection (that’s the boosting immunity heath we’re talking about).

Lemon is also tied to healthy skin, adding lemon essential oil can get rid of blemishes while also honing it on its antibacterial properties to protect your skin from infections and future breakouts. Hooray for clear skin!

It can be really hard to always have lemons on hand when you go through them so quickly. A quick solution would be to grab your lemon essential oil any time you’re looking for that boost of immunity in your smoothie or even your other everyday drinks like tea and water.

When you’re crunched for time, smoothies are a lifesaver in making quick meals or a pre/post workout energy booster. You can pack everything you need for a healthy smoothie with essential oils, however these oils are meant to be used in very small portions (1-2 drops). If you want to try out what a smoothie would taste like with essential oils visit The Sweet Spot, you can figure out what you like before you do it yourself!